Gospel Church with Jonathan McReynolds

November 1st 5pm SGCompany once again invites everyone to Gospel Church in St. Petri Church, Stavanger (Norway). Free entrance!

We are so honored to introduce our guest: Jonathan McReynolds!
It’s rare these days to find a young artist who puts everything on the table. Who puts his whole heart into his music and passionately sings of his love for Jesus Christ. McReynolds is that rare find, who at 25 years old is on his way to becoming one of the most fascinating Christian artists of his time.
With His exceptional songwriting, incredible voice, and his compelling debut album “Life Music,” there is no stopping Jonathan’s tremendous talent and natural star quality.
His debut album “Life Music” is all about being authentic, genuine, pure and transparent.

Gospel Church 1. nov plakat

Gospel Church 1. nov plakat

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